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Upcoming Events


Our next Fellowship gathering will be our Regular Service at 3:00 pm Sunday, September 17th at the UCC location in the Sandusky Plaza, on 1158 Cleveland Road W. Our featured speaker will be Sandusky Register's Executive Editor Matt Westerhold, who has plenty of topics he may cover-- the Ohio Reproductive Rights and Marijuana initiatives on this fall's ballot as well as Public Records Access, which has been an issue in a number of local cases recently. Whatever he discusses, Matt is always interesting and well informed. 


Guests, of course, are always welcome, but this may be an especially interesting talk to invite a friend to hear. 


Conversation and light snacks afterward.

Hope you will join us!

We'd like to give Matt a nice audience.


Also, the UCC pantry box is always open. Please feel free to bring a canned or boxed item to put in the pantry for those who may need it.


For those of you who weren’t with us this past Sunday, May 21, 2023, here’s a brief recap the Annual Meeting—


Minutes from last year were accepted.

Treasurer’s report—$4,900.54 in checking account and about $20,000 in CDs.


With regard to the proposed 8th Principle, which specifically discusses dismantling racism, we decided that as a Fellowship we would neither vote for or against adopting it. If you would like to know more about the 8th principle, let Jan or Bill know, and we will forward you the information we have. 


We decided to continue meeting quarterly, 3:00pm on the third Sunday of September, December, March and May.


We will continue to meet at the UCC location in the Cleveland Road Plaza and pay the UCC $600/year for rent and storage.


We have suspended collection of pledges but will again collect $1/person in December to permit counting members.


Mary Grigolia will still be available for counseling and other pastoral services, paid for by members or friends of the Fellowship.


Officers have agreed to serve another 1 year term:

Chair—Bill Djubek

Past Chair—Jan Young

Secretary—Lou Young

Treasurer—Harry Stenzel

The following Trustees have agreed to continue:

Nate Fuller

Mary Jan Hahler

Mike Kotora

Sande Campbell

Mike Mendenhall

Marcia Goff resigned her position on the Board.

Becky Waldock volunteered to serve on the Board.


We will call Back to the Wild to set up a visit there for the Fellowship and Friends. Stay tuned for email details.


We adjourned to a lovely potluck!  

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